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.: Darwin - Broome WA May 2013

This will be updated most nights except if we don't have mobile reception and that happens a bit in the Outback also if you have just joined us, please read from the bottom up.
Day 26: 10 June - Adelaide River to Darwin 123 km Total 5019 km

It seemed to take so long to pack up this morning, I don't if it was because of this being our last day or not? They had the markets on in town and Josie being a market junkie, I thought we would stop but we had been there a few weeks before, we decided to give it a miss.

Out on the Stuart Highway for the last leg home we straightaway started counting caravans, in 75 kms we passed 56 vans and we had probably missed a lot as we did not leave until 10. I reckon the caravan industry is in pretty good shape.

We called in to see Sharon, Josies daughter, on the way through but she was not home. Next stop was the car wash in Palmerston, it is the only one that we can take the van into. It was built to cater for boats but suits the van nicely. It is a lot easier cleaning it there than trying to do it a home.

On arriving home, Malibu was straight out of the car and she checked out everything both in and outside the house, it was quite funny. We went around to see Greg & Virginia as it was their eldest sons birthday, Toby turned 3 today.

Then it was off to Nightcliff for sunset, a drink and a yiros but the Harry the yiros man was not there....bugga! Still we had our cool beverage and enjoyed one of the best sunsets we had seen for a while.

It was good to be home...kind of. It is always great to get back to familiar suroundings and your bed but, being on the road is very relaxing and great experiencing different things that this land has to offer. It is also very special that are doing it together.

Day 25: 9 June - Victoria River to Adelaide River 394 km Total 4896 km

Today got underway as normal, hitting the road around 9.30. Heading east into the sun meant that the escarpment of the Victoria River did not look as spectacular as it normally does. There was a lot more caravans on the road and Josie started to count them.

A quick stop at Mathison rest area to boil the kettle. The drive through to Katherine goes through Savannah country, sparse trees and grasslands. We arrived at Katherine in time for lunch, it also gave us the chance to catch up on email and messages. Again we must have looked funny, sitting on the side of the road under a tree with the laptop.

We set off for Adelaide River and one of the things we noted was, the Northern Territory provides a lot of passing lanes on the Stuart Highway and are currently building more. In West Australia there were none and the roads were a fair bit narrower.

We got into Adelaide River and got the last site for a large van, well it wasn't really a site but we still got power and water. It actually worked out well, we face away from the rest of the park and looks like we have the place to ourselves.

The count on Caravans, Motorhomes and Camper Trailers since a 1/2 hour after leaving equalled 100 neat but I reckon that we had passed 30 odd before we started counting. The point was that approx 80% of those were counted before lunch. After midday the numbers on the road drop dramatically and saw that the roadside stops had filled.

As we left for our sunset spot and parked up outside the roadhouse was one of the transporters for the V8 Supercars which is on at Hidden Valley in Darwin next weekend. Adelaide River is putting on a two day rodeo which we could see from the top of the hill overlooking Adelaide River. I can still hear the rodeo from the caravan.

Day 24: 8 June - Lake Argyle - Victoria River 319 km Total 4502 km

After getting the bond back on Malibu (she hadn't terrorised the neighbourhood or killed anyone) we started to make our way towards home. Soon after turning on to the highway, we crossed the border and back into real time. It is quite a difference that an hour and a half makes. Sunset is normally at about 6.30 but in WA it is at 5.00.

The other thing we noticed straight away was the roads, they were in better condition and wider. Something you appreciate when you are pulling a large van and encountering triple Road Trains.

We stopped at Timber Creek for lunch and to upload the latest installment of our travel log as it was the first time we had a internet connection since leaving Kununurra. It was very pleasant sitting under a tree having a cuppa and smoked Salmon on biscuits....life is really tough in the outback!

Victoria River is our stop for the night and the light on the red escarpment really looked impressive. We wanted to go some where other than the Old Crossing for sunset, so we asked the staff when we checked in and being temporary employed backpackers, they were as helpful as an ash tray on a motorbike. We decided to go down to the boat ramp on the Victoria River, not so good for sunset but the late afternoon light on the escarpment should look pretty good. We were not disappointed and we were the only ones there. It was so peaceful there with the only sounds coming from the birds.

It is quite funny, I am writing this outside the van, the cricket is on the TV and I have a beer in hand and other campers going past are making all sorts of comments....life doesn't get any better.

Whilst finishing this off, I saw some movement in the tree above me, I grabbed the spotlight and found a very small Sugar Glider, a really cute little chap, unfortunately he did not hang around long enough for me to get a shot.

Day 23: 7 June - Lake Argyle 157 km Total 4183 km

We went into town to complete a little job for work, as we got into mobile range, a message from Greg told of our new lease for the warehouse had fallen through....buggar! We then found out that the labels we were expecting, would not arrive until Monday so that meant that we could not complete the set up. We grabbed a cup of coffee and decided to go down to the lake and answer a few emails.

It was very pleasant sitting under a tree by the lake with the birds. This could easily become my new office. With a bit of extra time up our sleeve we decided to do a sunset cruise on Lake Argyle. We booked that, then grabbed some supplies and made our way back to Lake Argyle.

We walked down to the cruise office next to the caravan park and met Greg, the owner of Lake Argyle Cruises. We got off to a great start as he showed me a White-quilled - Rock-Pigeon, a new species for me. A bus took us down to the boat and Greg then took us to a colony of Short-eared - Rock-Wallabys where I managed to get some great photo's of these cute little guys.

Greg made his way around the lake giving a interesting and humorous commentary as we went. There were a number of Freshwater Crocodiles on the banks as the water was getting a little cooler. Fish feeding was next on the agenda showing us some on the 26 species of native fish. Next stop was an island where we could see Walleroos feeding down on the shore, again getting close enough for some good shots.

Unfortunately it was fairly overcast and this did not make for great colour in the rock and it was looking fairly bleak for sunset. We arrived at a fairly sheltered bay for a sunset swim. We stayed top side having a nice beer and left the swimming to others. There was very unusual cloud formation that came good at the right time.

It was a very good cruise and we will be back to do a Wet Season cruise with Greg, that should provide a totally different spectacle.

Day 22: 6 June - Halls Creek to Lake Argyle 430 km Total 4026 km

We got away from Halls Creek in good time, refuelled and hit the road. We encountered a lot of road works which made the going slow.

A lot of the bridges are single lane over a lot of dry river beds and it is quite a contrast to what a lot of these crossings would look like in the wet.

Our plan was to stop for the night at Doon Doon as I had heard of some great scenery around there that would have been great to photograph. As we approached Doon Doon we saw a sign showing that the caravan park and accomodation had been crossed out...not looking good. Sure enough, when we got there, the park gates were closed and a sign saying "closed for maintainence until next season".

Oh well, now we go to plan "B", we went through to Kununurra for supplies and fuel and then moved on to Lake Argyle. We enjoyed our stay there on the way down, we wanted to stay there again. We arrived about half an hour before sunset so we quickly unhitched the van an headed down to one of the lookouts overlooking the dam.

There was noboby there when we arrived, we set up our table and chairs at the lookout but soon after, a heap of kids turned up with their parents. They go nuts over Malibu and mob her and Josie. While this was happening, I managed to get a couple of shots.

We then went back to the van and finished setting up and cooked a nice meal.

Day 21: 5 June - Fitzroy Crossing to Halls Creek 308 km Total 3596 km

Lying in bed this morning, I could see some really nice colour in the clouds through the skylight so I jumped up and got a nice shot of our rig in the sunrise.

After fueling up, we headed north. I had downloaded some new POI's to my new GPS but, the GPS did not like it and was not working. We pulled up at Ngungan Cliffs and I tried to undo what I had done last night but all to no avail.

Next stop Mary's Pool, a free camping spot. There were quite a few vans parked up there. It is a nice spot with plenty of shade. We took a wander around and went back to the van for some lunch. It was very pleasant sitting in the shade with Budgies, Crows, Bowerbirds and lots of others in the trees above us.

Next stop at a photographic vantage point just south of Halls Creek where I found a heap of very large feathers and a fire nearby. It looked like somebody had killed a large bird, probably an Australian Bustard or Plain Turkey. Josie picked up a lot of the feathers to take home for Sharon.

Setting up in Halls Creek found me having further issues with our satelite disk and could not pick up a signal, luckily we could pick up the local TV signal.

We went up the highway for sunset and found a small track off the the highway with a nice tree to make a subject for the sunset. We must have looked funny sitting beside the highway, we got a few Toots and waves while we enjoyed our nice drop of red.


Day 20: 4 June - Derby to Fitzroy Crossing 288 km Total 3288 km

After partially packing up the van, I went to do my calls which didn't take too long. We got some fuel and a course of antibiotics to have on hand. As we were leaving Derby we got a call from Greg to say that it looked as though the warehouse was about to be leased out...fantastic news!

Just on the outskirts of town there was a diversion as a semi car carrier had bellied on the road and we had to make a detour. How he got it bellied, I have no idea but certainly made a meal of it.

Pulled into our usual stop at Ellendale for lunch and there were quite a few vans parked up there. We had lunch and moved on. A short run in to Fitzroy Crossing where we stayed at the same park, Fitzroy River lodge.

In setting up I had a heap of issues with getting a signal from the satellite dish, after a heap of mucking around I found that our LNB was faulty. Luckily I had a spare albeit only a single one but at least we got Austar. I had had issues in Derby where I could not get a signal but I was blaming some trees from blocking the signal.

We headed off for the usual sunset drinks but could not find a nice spot before the sun went down so we pulled up on the side of the road at a spot that was not even worth a photo,

Day 19: 3 June - Derby 24 km Total 3000 km

Today was a little bit of a none event as it was Foundation day holiday here in WA but that gave me the opportunity to do end of month for work. This is the first time I have done end of month away from the office. It was a little slower but worked out fine. It took around 6 hours in the meantime, Josie did some washing and shopping.

I have a couple of sales calls to do in the morning, these should have been done last week but my getting crook stuffed that up.

After finishing work we caught up with John and Peggy Clements. John was looking a heap better than when we saw him a week or so back. After spending a bit of time with them we went back out to where the Prison Tree is and there is a huge cattle trough fed by Myall's bore. The bore was first sunk in 1910-11 and feeds a very long trough that could water 500 head of cattle at a time.

Day 18: 2 June - Broome to Derby - 243 km Total 2976 km

Another really very blustery night, the caravan and its awning really got blown about. It was nice and cool. We packed up and left Broome at 10 am.

We left behind some new friends that had left Broome a few days earlier but were back because an airbag on their Land Rover Discovery had blown out and were stuck in Broome waiting for a new airbag to be flown in and fitted. We hope to catch up with Steve & Patty as the make their way north once the repairs are completed.

It was good to be back on the road. We stopped halfway to Derby as we still need to take it easy and make sure I look after the legs.

Checking into the van park we have stayed at before, I said to the guy that I wanted a site with not so many trees so we can get satellite reception. He had the ideal site for us, well so he said. I spent 1 1/2 hours trying to get a signal and all to no avail. At least we managed to get free to air from the normal TV aerial.

We went down to the "Prison Tree". It is a very old Boab tree that was used in the 1890's as lockup for Aboriginal prisoners on their way to Derby for sentencing. It is fenced off now but I have been inside the tree many year ago and it is amasing how much room there is in there.

After looking for a nice boab that would make a good sunset shot, which we did not find, we went down the wharf and got eaten alive while the sun went down over King George Sound.

Day 17: 1 June Broome - 69 km Total 2733 km

Well last night was very windy, buffeting the van a fair bit and blowing our satellite disk over. Typical over the dry season.

We checked out the local markets, quite a bit larger than last time we were here. Hoping to get some soup like we do at Parap but none on sale. I bought a leather belt that the guy made while we waited. Russell, an old work colleague of Josies called and we organised to meet a bit later.

Malibu had a check up with the local vet after he put her on heart medication, all was good. We completed a few errands and went around to visit Russell.It was good to catch up and he decided to join us for sunset....not that there has been much around with so much cloud.

Our supplies were replenished getting ready for the return journey.

Russell met us at Entrance Point where it was quite windy, cool and not a sunset in sight, still quite pleasant down by the water.

Day 16: 31 May Broome - 140km Total 2664 km

Today was the first day I have been back on my feet properly and my last work appointment is at 2.30, so we went for a drive up to Willie Creek. It's main claim to fame is a Pearl Farm on a really nice estuary. We arrived there as a tour was getting underway. We declined the tour but Josie did checkout the Pearls on sale and made a small purchase. The place was nicely set out and would have been a great spot to throw a line in. Down at the shoreline, we could see a Crocodile sun baking on the sandbank opposite.

We then drove over to Barred Creek, a really nice spot that I had been a few years before. There were a lot more tracks than I remembered and I took a few wrong turns. We did not end up where I wanted to go but we did end up on the coast where there was a beautiful beach and some really unusual rock/sandstone formations.

We made our way back to Broome where I had to do some ordering for work so, we went down to Town Beach, set up the table and chairs and had lunch whilst I completed my orders. It was very pleasant.

I had to attend my appointment so I dropped Josie in Town and she could do some shopping while I did my call. That completed, we grabbed our dinner and a bottle of vino and went down to Entrance Point. No sunset but Malibu had a good walk on the beach. We had planned to cook Sausages and Garlic bread on the beach but it was too windy. So, we just had a wine enjoying the Sea and then went back to the caravan park and had our meal there.

Days 12 - 15: 27 - 30 May - Broome - 88 km Total 2524 km

Well these few days have been spent mostly in the caravan with my leg up, trying to make sure that I am better for the return journey. I managed to catch up with a fair bit of work whilst Josie was able to go out and do some things with Cheri.

One night we were able to catch up the Clements family on Cable Beach for sunset which was good. We also had a few drinks at Matso's another night. Matso's is great little micro brewery that produces a ice array of beers including a Chilli and a Mango beer.

The legs were on the mend and I have been able to do a few sales calls, hopefully I am back on top of things now.

Day 11: 26 May - Derby to Broome 231 km - 2436 km

My leg was feeling pretty good, so we decided to go through to Broome but we would be taking it real easy. We packed up and did a quick run down to the wharf where I want to capture the same shots as I did yesterday at low tide to show the huge difference.

After leaving Derby we stopped at one of the bridge crossings on the Fitzroy River and made a cuppa. While we were there a heavy wide load came through that overhung the sides on the one lane bridge. A bit of a tight squeeze. We were there for about an hour. We stopped another couple of times on the way to rest my leg, that made it slow progress.

There are heaps of caravan parks in Broome but only one will except dogs and that was full. The council had set up an overflow park and we were lucky enough to get into that, well kind of. Where we were parked there a heap of thorns in the grass, caltrop like we experienced at my bothers last year in Waikerie. It is terrible stuff, going straight through your thongs and not good for Malibu.

My leg was pretty swollen and red so we rest for what was left of the afternoon. We went over to catch up with Cheri and Peter. It was one of the nights of "The Stairway to the Moon" and that was just near where they were staying so, Josie and Cheri went down to see it for themselves, along with thousands of others.

The Stairway to the Moon is a spectacle that occurs on a full moon at low tide. As the moon rises, its reflection across the mud flats give the impression a stairway up to the moon. I was spewing that I was not fit enough to capture the occasion.

The girls bought back a feed from the markets for us and that ended an enjoyable evening.

Day 10: 25 May - Derby 54 km - Total 2205 km

This was a day to be taking it all fairly easy, the leg needed plenty of rest. We did need some milk and a few other groceries so we went up to Woolies. While Josie was in getting those, Malibu and I were under a shady tree in the carpark keeping my leg up.

We then went down to the wharf where I wanted to get a photo of the high tide. The tides in Derby are amasing being the second highest in the world, some 11 metres plus. It is quite incredible to see. I got a couple of quick shots and we decided to set up our chairs and grab a coffee from the little cafe next to the wharf. Very pleasant getting out of the caravan and the temperature is just great.

Johns 90th birthday party started at 7pm. It was quite a big affair with a band and probably over 120 guests. It was all catered for by the family and it was really good tucker. It was unfortunate that we could really mingle but still managed to catch up with a lot of the family. Kylie (Johns daughter) had made a beautiful black Forrest Cake with a photo of John in his Air Force uniform. It looked great.

It was a good night.

Day 9: 24 May - Derby 4km - Total 2151 km

My temperature had stabilized thank goodness. Once the Doctor had been around to see me (lunchtime), I was OK to go. My left leg was still pretty hot and a bit sore so I need to keep it up as much as possible. I was supposed to see a couple of customers here in Derby but, that was out of the question at the moment.

After having a bit of a rest (and catch up with some work), we went around to see John Clements (Josie's ex Father-in-law) as it was his 90th birthday celebration tomorrow. We wanted to give him his present before the party and catch up with him and Peggy before the crowds. We couldn't stay long as I needed to get my leg up.

Day 8: 23 May - Fitzroy Crossing to Derby 264 km - Total 2147 km

What a day, I started packing up and noticed that my joints were quite sore and it seemed like the onset of the wog. As we headed toward Derby, I was getting worse and I had a feeling it may be my Lymphoedema coming on. As there is no hospital in Fitzroy Crossing, I thought it best that we get to Derby as soon as we could. A fever started to set in and I was in quite a bit of pain. The trip was only 260 odd kilometres but it seemed to take forever.

We got into Derby and booked into the van park, I got the caravan setup before going to the local hospital as I thought that I could be admitted, I wanted to have it done for Josie.

Sure enough, they decided to keep me in overnight, it could have had something to do with my temperature being 39.8 degrees. I must say, it is a great little hospital, fairly modern with great staff.

Day 7: 22 May - Halls Creek to Fitzroy Crossing 365 km - Total 1883 km

A little overnight rain had fallen and it was a little cooler, a very comfortable 22 degrees. We got packed up and hit the road. It was still overcast and great for travelling but not so good for photos, also there had been a slight drizzle. This made pulling off the road a little muddy and something we were avoiding.

First stop was Ngumban Cliffs, a really nice stop with views down a small escarpment which was very picturesque. We were going to make a cuppa there but the wind was quite brisk and that makes boiling the kettle on gas a bit of a challenge.

We arrived at Fitzroy Crossing around lunchtime staying at the Fitzroy Crossing Lodge. I have stayed here on a few occasions but never in the caravan park. It is a well designed park which is prone to wet season flooding. All amenities and buildings are either on high ground or on stilts.

The Fitzroy River in the wet season is second only to the Amazon in volume where, 2 cubic kilometres of water a minute can flow under the bridge.

After setting up, we went for a drive up to Geike Gorge but did not do the boat trip. There were a heap of Kangaroos on the road there along with a lot of birds. We came back, grabbed the vino and beer and went looking for a sunset spot to enjoy the usual drink. We found a truck stop west of town that provided a good view of the sunset.

Day 6: 21 May - Kununurra to Halls Creek 456 km - Total 1518 km

We packed up from under the Mango trees and a big thank you to Geoff for his generous hospitality. We were underway by 7.30 and heading into one of the best drives in the north. The highway winds its way through some beautiful, rugged and very rocky country. There were heaps on photo opportunities but there is little room or chance to pull up with a caravan.

This road had numerous floodways and therefore very prone to wet season flooding and this could mean the highway being cut for days on end. Now they have put in a heap of bridges and made the old floodways and old road into great roadside stops. They are a good place to stop for lunch or even an overnight stay.

Halls Creek is a place that is not on top of peoples "most see" lists but some of its surrounds are, the Bungle Bungles and Wolf Crater. We have stayed in the caravan park before, which wasn't so great but this trip, it is still basic but very clean and has everything you need.

We picked up some supplies from the local supermarket, a little expensive but had more variety than we expected. After that we tried to find a spot for a sunset drink and photograph. We didn't the shot I was looking for but, I managed to get a shot of a dead tree with a nice sunset.

Day 5: 20 May - Kununurra - 69 km - Total 1062 km

Today was a work day for me, I had a few customer calls to do in Kununurra. I got a couple of them done and went back to pick up Josie and drop her in town for a bit of retail therapy while I continued with my work. I managed to kick a few goals, is always a bonus.

Picked Josie up for a late lunch, which we had at a nice little cafe that was decorated with some great old and rustic relics from around the area. It looked great and the food was good.

We replenished the supplies (mainly beer & wine), ready for the next leg of the journey. After finishing off some work,we decided to check out some storm clouds that were building around the area. We enjoyed a small and distant light show over Lake Kununurra.

Day 4: 19 May - Lake Argyle to Kununurra - 154 km Total: 998 km

Another early start to catch the sunrise at the same spot that we went last night (no bloody weddings this time). The early light really made this beautiful place come alive and I had a ball, got some fairly good shots.

When I got back to camp, Josie have been for a walk around the park and took me for a look. Great views over the lake and near the cliffs edge, they have built a beautiful infinity pool with a pretty special view. We then went for a drive across the dam wall and down to the park. This is a place of untold beauty and a place we will stay on the way back.

A short run into Kununurra and we met up with our new host, a friend of a friend Geoff, who has a Mango orchard on the banks of the Ord River, just out of town. It is a shady spot in amongst the Mango trees with all the comforts, water, power, toilet and shower. Josie had a quick clean of the toilet and shower area (it wasn't dirty just had not been used for quite some time and in doing that she found a little insect Bat in the shower curtain. I got a shot of the little fella before it flew out (much to Josie's relief).

We arrived here at the start of the Kimberley Muster, which is a week long celebration of everything Kimberley and this afternoon there was a "Street Party". We decided to check it out, there were quite a few people there. It was mainly centred around the kids with jumping castles, entertainers and a few different stalls.

We went up to Kellys Knob, overlooking the town, for sunset. It wasn't too bad but not a great spot to relax and enjoy the show.

Day 3: 18 May - Victoria River to Lake Argyle - 364 km Total: 844 km

I got up early the catch the sunrise along the escarpment, mother nature did not go to plan, I did not get the light I was looking for to get a great shot. I then went down to the river and I walked through some mud that I thought was fairly hard but each step I grew an inch. It was the stickiest mud I have ever come across, just could not get it off my thongs.

After having smoked salmon & egg muffins for breakfast (we slum it), we finished packing up and headed west. On approach to Timber Creek I had a heap e-mail and messages come through. It was the first mobile reception since leaving Katherine. We had already decided to pull over at Timber Creek so I could upload the blog. Setting ourselves up under a shady tree, I had my laptop and mobile phone while Josie was on her iPad. We must have looked funny as all the caravanners were giving us a wave as they drove by.

After some lunch we got underway to Lake Argyle. I couldn't believe it when we got the the caravan park, there was a queue of about 4 vans and the park was fairly full, evidently there was a wedding on. Bob, the traffic director for the park put us in a great site that overlooked some of the beautiful ranges around here. He also gave us a tip of a secret spot to go for sunset.

We set up the camp and made for the secret spot, a rough track in but a beautiful spot with views over the lake. Just after we got there we heard chatter on the CB and next minute there was four 4WD's on there way up to the secret spot. We had the table and chairs set up with a wine poured. It was the wedding party and they were there for photo's, we were in their spot. The photographer came over to see if we would allow them to use "our spot". We wouldn't disrupt a wedding so, we moved back a bit and watched the shoot. They were very grateful and after they moved on, we finished our drinks and moved back to camp.

Day 2: 17 May - Pine Creek to Victoria River - 261km Total: 480 km

Well, there were no issues during the night, thank goodness but talking to a lady, the police were called in to look for the man who had been wandering around during the night but they did not find him.

I took the opportunity to photograph some birds in the Caravan park as there is always heaps to be found. Red wing Parrots were in the tree above our van, heaps of Blue-faced Honeyeaters and had a surprise visit from a Northern Rosella. Packing up was a bit slow as each time I saw a bird, I would grab the camera.

Next stop, Katherine where we were going to get a couple of bottles of wine but the grog shops do not open until 2pm. So we gave that a miss and went to get some fuel but that didn't work either as the power was out.....bugga! I had one customer to see, so I did that and while I was there the power came back on. We grabbed fuel and set out west along the Victoria Highway.

We pulled into a roadside stop that we usually use and on most occasions we have had it to ourselves but this time it was nearly full with vans but we still managed to find a shady spot for lunch.

A nice run down the beautiful Victoria River Valley and as we went across the bridge over the river we noted that it had dropped 8 - 10 metres since we were here in February. After we set up we went down to the river looking for the Purple crowned Fairy-wren....could not even hear one. We then went down to the old crossing for sunset. The overcast conditions didn't not provide a great shot but it was very pleasant being down by the river with a nice cool beverage.

We got to Victoria River about 3pm and set up. We then went for a drive down to the boat ramp hoping to catch the Purple-crowned Fairy-wren but to no avail, not even hearing one. There were heaps of Wallaby's in the paddocks around there. We moved on to the Old crossing where we had our usual sunset drinks but there wasn't much of a sunset. Very pleasant all the same.

Day 1: 16 May -Darwin to Pine Creek - 219km

I had a frantic morning at work trying to get everything completed before hitting the road. Josie was also kept busy preparing the van for the trip. I got home around 12.30 and then set about making sure the watering system all worked, especially for the new herb garden that was Josie's mothers day present.

We got underway at 2.30. We had made a couple of modifications to the van, one being the fitting of a rear view camera. This has made life a lot easier on the road, mind you, I now see what some idiots are doing behind us and they are out there.

The countryside was certainly drying out quickly but oddly, around Adelaide River we had some very light rain. Just enough to make the rig very dirty and a pain to try and clean. It has been a very strange wet (or not so wet) season with rainfall around half of the average.

We went straight through to Pine Creek, without the usual comfort stops except, 10 mins out of Pine Creek, Malibu decided she needed her stop.

We pulled into the Lazy Lizard and setup. As we were a little late getting in, we did not go for the usual drive to a sunset spot. We had dinner and as we were eating it, an Aboriginal came to our caravan looking for beer. I moved him on but Josie was concerned about it and would not go outside without me. We have stayed here a few times but had not had this sort of issue before.

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